You are currently viewing The Africa groups RWA Photographic Seed Exhibition at Fotografiska!

The Africa groups RWA Photographic Seed Exhibition at Fotografiska!

Step into our world at Fotografiska Stockholm on Thursday, May 2nd, and witness the resilience and strength of rural women protecting seeds, land, and water. As part of Afrikagrupperna’s 50th anniversary celebration, in collaboration with Fotografiska, we’re proud to showcase our powerful work through an exclusive exhibition.

For generations, women have been the guardians of seeds, land, and water, yet their rights are often violated. Under the theme “Reclaiming the Seeds,” they’ll delve into the crucial role of female small-scale farmers in building a sustainable food system. Through captivating photographs, they’ll also highlight the ongoing struggle for food sovereignty, seed rights, and climate justice. Together with Fotografiska, they aim to raise awareness on the urgent issues of food waste in Sweden and the global climate crisis while advocating for social and economic equality and preserving biodiversity.

It aims to be an evening of inspiration and collaboration, generously sponsored by Runåberg’s Seeds in Stenungsund. Don’t miss out on this transformative experience. Get your tickets now!

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