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RWA Publications

Welcome to the Rural Women’s Assembly resources. Here, you’ll discover a wealth of empowering tools, educational materials, and insightful resources curated to support rural women, promote sustainable practices, and advocate for equality. From informative guides to inspiring stories, this collection embodies our commitment to empowerment, fostering resilience, and amplifying voices within our community. Explore our diverse range of resources crafted to inspire, educate, and drive positive change

Our narrative RWA Annual Report – 2022. The organization’s journey, achievements, and the positive impact we’ve made throughout the year 2022.

RWA Celebrating Our Journey 2009-2019 is a brief history of the Rural Women’s Assembly in Southern Africa to celebrate its 10th anniversary 2009 – 2019

Re-imagining Waste is the fourth booklet produced by the RWA (Rural Women’s Assembly) members for the members.