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RWA recognizes that we only have one home and that everything in our planet is connected through the web of life

Since its inception the Rural Women Assembly’s (RWA) work has centred around amplifying rural women’s voices from local to international levels to access land, mobilise and advocate for alternative sustainable food systems, food sovereignty, climate justice and rural livelihoods.


Our focus on who controls land and access to the means of producing food has brought in a strong awareness for us of the way capitalism and patriarchy have impacted on food sovereignty, We have come to realize that our right to land cannot be separated from our right to food and water. By controlling and destroying our rights to food, clean water, natural resources, indigenous knowledge and seeds capitalism perpetuates violence against women.


RWA says No to GMO seeds! As small scale farmers and producers of traditional seeds, we will defend, protect, share and control of our indigenous and local seed systems. We will advocate for the development of stand-alone indigenous seed policies. RWA will continue to fight against the criminalization of local seed saving and exchange. We will also preserve indigenous knowledge for future generations.


UNDROP is more than just a declaration. It is an opportunity to implement the human rights of peasants, small-scale farmers and other producers and people working in rural areas, including their right to food sovereignty recognized in UNDROP, and to redress their systematic and historic marginalisation. 


RWA considers agro-ecology as an instrument for change in the face of climate emergency, for building resilience and as a method of empowerment of rural women farmers. We will pressurize governments to enact laws and policies as well as the allocation of financial resources for climate change adaptation and mitigation thatwill enable rural women to implement agroecology.


Patriarchal Capitalism is an expression of violence against women. Our struggle is also against systems of male dominance, discriminatory aspects of traditional culture, traditional authority and private property. These systems manifest in high rates of child marriages, polygamy, disinheritance of women’s rights to land and gender-based violence.


The Rural Women’s Assembly (RWA) placed great significance on the climate crisis, positioning it at the core of our strategy and program. RWA commits itself to develop a feminist manifesto and establish a platform with a view to influence and join the local, regional and international movement for climate justice and exploring alternative approaches

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