Zolani, Western Cape


The Freedom Day event was planned from the annual youth meeting held in February, our youth planned to host a Hip – Hop and Art Show in commemoration of Freedom Day. The objective of the event was to showcase the diversity we share in our communities as the youth, even though  up to this far the youth still don’t feel like are  under our because many of them  are unemployed graduates still depending on their families financially.

During the event Rural Women’s Assembly encouraged the youth to keep pushing and consider opportunities in small scale farming so that can be financially independent and also be able to create jobs.   We understand the importance of our young people\’s mental health in this generation, especially after they have studied very hard to change their situation and end up being unemployed.  Amongst our youth there were also those who didn’t get the opportunity to further their studies while for them freedom to them would free access to education for all, yet it\’s still not the case to many youths of South Africa.

Even so the youth show cased their talent and celebrated with us. We were joined by local Artists and other artists came from   neighbouring areas like langerberg (Robertson and Worcester). 


\”A community with no violence to women and children and all \” said a young boy who was part of the in the audience as we were discussing Gender Based Violence related topics. The young girls who were part of the audience also suggested that we should have more of the similar activities in our communities.

 “I am very proud of the team that put this plan to action, and I am grateful of support we got from the community. The youth is aware, and they need more educational workshops and understanding of the right we have when United”. Said Sherriff Ramoabi our media coordinator in Western Cape.

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