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RWA South Africa: RWA Food Celebration

by Asanda Magadla

Food security is one of the important things to humans hence it is very important to celebrate it. African people back in the days used to eat indigenous food that they produced. Celebrating Food Day takes us back to remember our roots. Eastern Cape province sisters celebrated the Food Day in King William’s Town. People came in numbers to join the celebration and remember what indigenous food is . they used to eat when they grew up. 

Sister Nkuli educated the community about indigenous seeds and sharing them. Also motivated women to participate in Agroecology. Nowadays people have lost their food identity. The Rural Women’s Assembly decorated the venue with indigenous seeds, and other work they did with their own hands as women. 

The eQuzini Village women prepared food like roasters,umfino, amahewu, steamed bread,etc. They did not only prepare the food but also they taught young women on how to prepare the meals. Sister Soso from eQuzini Village said that they believe in educating other women so that they can be independent when coming to support their families. Some women in the village are single parents and there are the ones that sustain the livelihoods of their families. She also added that if women can spend more time in the garden planting vegetables that will in turn assist them in their households it would be great to do that.

The women in eQuzini Village ended their day singing, dancing and enjoying the food that they have prepared for food festival. Food is one of our heritage celebration hence we remembered this day because it means we’re only eating organic food not processed meals. Hence we still have great grandparents that are still healthy because they were eating indigenous food.

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