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RWA Mozambique:Celebrating the Strength and Resilience of Mozambican Peasants

By Benilde Manjaze

In celebration of the annual Day of Peasant Struggle, observed on April 17th, an important gathering took place last May in Manica Province, located in the central region of Mozambique. This significant event brought together approximately 90 participants, including 16 men and 74 women from various parts of the country. The occasion was marked by a reflective debate on the peasant struggle and focused on how women farmers, who are the primary producers in the country, can enhance their agricultural practices in the face of climatic adversities experienced in recent years.

During the meeting, the women emphasized that to mitigate the impact of climate change, which has been devastating their crops, they have turned to agroecological production. This type of agriculture ensures long-term production in the same area with low production costs.

Additionally, the event featured a visit to a peasant association, where participants exchanged experiences on the use of agroecological production techniques that are predominant in different regions of the country. By promoting sustainable agricultural practices and strengthening the resilience of women farmers, this commemoration of the Day of Peasant Struggle highlights the vital role of agroecology in securing food sovereignty and improving livelihoods in rural Mozambique.

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