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RWA Madagascar: Strengthening Seed Sovereignty: RWA Madagascar’s Initiatives and Achievements in May

By Ny Hasina

May has been a transformative month for RWA Madagascar, reflecting our commitment to empowering rural women and ensuring seed sovereignty in alignment with Sustainable Development Goal 1. Our organization has been actively conducting training courses and surveys on seed audits, focusing on the region of Menabe in western Madagascar.

Identifying Challenges Through Field Work

To understand and address the challenges faced by rural women farmers, we carried out extensive fieldwork and surveys in the Menabe region. Our findings highlighted critical issues such as the scarcity and high cost of seeds, largely attributed to climate change. Additionally, the lack of shared silos exacerbates these problems, making it difficult for farmers to store and preserve seeds effectively.

Empowering Women Farmers

Recognizing the urgent need for a stronger support network and reliable infrastructure, we took significant steps to address these shortcomings. During a two-day workshop attended by 27 members from the districts of Morondava, Mahabo, and Belo/Tsiribihina, we discussed various pressing issues. These included:

– UNDROP (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas) education

– Women’s rights and land rights

– The connection between human rights and climate change

– Agroecology methods and Nature-Based Solutions

The workshop culminated in the election of a nine-member regional bureau, ensuring an inclusive approach to decision-making and leadership.

Future Initiatives and Collaborations

In addition to our fieldwork and workshops, RWA Madagascar was invited to participate in a workshop on the Graduation Approach. This method focuses on empowering women in both rural and urban areas, providing them with the tools and resources needed to achieve sustainable livelihoods.

Overall, May has been a month of progress and empowerment for RWA Madagascar. By identifying challenges, discussing solutions, and strengthening our organizational structure, we are better equipped to support rural women farmers in Madagascar. Our ongoing efforts aim to build a resilient and self-sufficient community, ensuring that our role as guardians of seeds is firmly established.

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