Rural Women\’s Assembly celebrating International Month in Hlomela Village, Limpopo

On the 10th March 2022, Rural Women\’s Assembly Limpopo was celebrating International Women\’s Day in Hlomela Village, Limpopo, South Africa. The day went very well we were introducing Rural Women\’s Assembly, Mopani Farmers Association and Inyanda National Land Movement to small farmers in Hlomela Village. About 50 women attended the event and learned a lot about RWA activities. Clearly the women liked what they were hearing about RWA and they decided to join our movement. RWA is honored to welcome new members in Hlomela village. Feel at home ladies.

Among other topics that were discussed is our campaign ONE WOMAN ONE HECTOR which was also linked to Gender Based Violence. Women demand Land with water so that they can be independent. Some of the issue that was raised by women is that they believe that men are abusing them because they depend on them financially and it\’s difficult to leave their abusive relationships because they don\’t have any source of income. They mostly depend on their abusers to feed them and their children.

There are many challenges that women are facing right now in Hlomela Village, Limpopo. Some women do have land but there is no water and they lack farming recourses, knowledge and farming skills. Therefore the land has become useless as the women can\’t use it for farming. Climate change and high prices of fuel and food is also one of the biggest challenge affecting women. The other challenge older women are facing is that youth don\’t have interest in farming and they don\’t have anyone taking care of what they have worked so hard for as they are getting old and they don\’t have energy to continue with farming. One example that was made was of is community garden that has got enough resources but unused bececause the women who started don\’t have the strength anymore to continue. Therefore there is no one to take over the project and the community garden is unused at the moment.

Rural Women\’s Assembly heard all the concerns and challenges of the people of Hlomela Village and it is determined to work together with the community in resolving some of the challenges. The secretary of Rural Women\’s Assembly Limpopo has advised women to fight for their rights and advocacy. The chairperson of Rural Women\’s Assembly Limpopo is Mlondobonzi is happy that the celebration went we and she excited to welcome new member. Norah says that she is glad that they came to Hlomela Village to listen to women\’s voices. Norah also advised the youth to claim their land and to take farming seriously to fight poverty in this tough time whereby the employment rate is very high in South Africa.

The community of Hlomela Village

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