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\”Chiadzwa Community Finally takes the Bull by its Horns\”




Chiadzwa village is an area found in the eastern district of Zimbabwe under chief Marange. This area is endowed with diamonds and since the discovery of diamonds in 2006 the area always experiences mixed fortunes.

The events leading to the successful demonstration by Chiadzwa community points to a society that has now resurrected from being passive observers in matters to do with socio- economic matters of their area. The security agents of Zimbabwe and the Management of Zimbabwe Consolidated Company (ZCDC) were caught unaware by the disgruntled youths. On a cool day of 05 February 2018 they blocked all ZCDC traffic coming to the Diamonds mining concession. They did the unthinkable and unimaginable thing in front of the much-feared diamond base security in Tonhorai village which is heavily armed and a security fort.

This action prompted the ZCDC management to drive all the way from their base in Harare which is about 400km.This was after the army personnel had discovered that the number was swelling and called for reinforcement.  On the 07th of February, more than 600 unemployed youths and elders grouped at Headman Chiadzwa. This time even community leaders were around. Zimbabwe diamonds and allied workers union (ZIDAWU) was among the organisations that were available. The issues raised were grouped into four categories namely Employment, lack of infrastructure development, environmental degradation and security or rather freedom of association and movement.

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