Swaziland Rural Women\’s Assembly Statement on the 13 April 2018 March to Cabinet Offices

The Swaziland Rural Women Assembly has taken a conscious decision to join the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (TUCOSWA) on her march to the cabinet offices on the 13th of April 2018. The Rural Women Assembly is pleased by the relevance of the issues that the labour movement of the country is raising for they impact directly on us the most marginalized people in the country and joining forces with them is a matter of necessity to us.

We join the labour force as rural women to make the following demands:

1. The government must enact the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Bill with all the clauses. We have long waited for that legislation and we are wondering that how many women should be killed before the bill is enacted.

2. We call upon the government to implement the CEDAW convention and the United Nations Human Rights Declaration on the clauses relating to women’s rights.

3. The government must implement the Maputo Declaration on small scale farmers

4. The government must provide sanitary wares for young girls in all schools

5. We also demand the review of cultural practices that suppress women.

6. The government must ensure empowerment and participation of women in all sectors of society.

It is high time women’s life, their capability and contribution to society is valued in this country at all levels of society. We call upon all members of the Swaziland Rural Women Assembly and women in general to attend the march without fail.

Save us before we parish!!!

Women Rights are Human Rights!!!

Issued by: Cebile Dlamini
SRWA Secretary General

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