RWA SAPSN Solidarity Webinar Series

The Southern African Rural Women’s Assembly hosted a three-part webinar series on Wednesday 17 August 2022 in solidarity with the Southern African People’s Solidarity Network (SAPSN) week of learning and action, which ran from 15 to 20 August 2022 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

The webinar topics included Protecting the Rights of Peasants: Implementing UNDROP; Agroecology and Feminism and Strengthening Solidarity: Political Repression in Swaziland

RWA members from across the region attended and made key presentations.

A few special guests were invited to make presentations. Cid Ryan Manalo, Programme Officer for Policy at the Southeast Asia Regional Initiatives for Community Empowerment (SEARICE), made a presentation for the Protecting the Rights of Peasants: Implementing UNDROP webinar. SEARICE works directly with peasants from South and Southeast Asia and is based in the Philippines. SEARICE’s vision is to work towards the creation of a just democratic civil society which upholds peoples’ initiatives towards the creative and sustainable utilization of the earth\’s resources. Cid’s presentation showed how the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and other people working in Rural Areas (UNDROP) can be an additional tool for advocacy to work towards the ultimate realization of the rights of peasants. To read Cid’s presentation, please click here.

Independent consultant, Carol Kayira-Kulemeka, made a presentation during the Agroecology and Feminism webinar. Carol previously served as the Global Program Manager on Resilient Livelihoods and Climate Justice for Action Aid International. Her portfolio involved strategy development and implementation oversight for ActionAid’s livelihoods which promoted agroecology and climate justice program in 43 countries. Carol’s presentation focussed on how, from a feminist perspective, agroecology is and must be a political proposal that recognizes and promotes the historical and social practices of women and an opportunity to redress the unequal relations in the current food system. To read Carol’s presentation, please click here.

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