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RWA Zambia: RWA Chingola School GBV Sensitisation

by Chipo Chiluma

 Zambia rural women’s assembly had a GBV sensitisation at Fipuya basic school in Chingola  district. 

Gender based violence (GBV ) can be defined as ;

   >A harmful act of abusing a person’s right in treating unequal power between genders.

  > A violence directed against a person because of their gender.

Gender based violence is now experienced by both women and men, even youths. Fortherefore, in this case, RWA sisters from chingola decided to sensitize, teach, warn school going children (youths) on GBV.

RWA sisters visited Fipuya basic school which is located in a remote area of Chingola village through sister Kasonde a Chingola member of RWA, on 5th June 24,to teach about GBV  in a remote area, so RWA sisters had thought of going to remote areas to teach about GBV, because of the reports that are highly heard in the country that most of people living in remote areas are the one’s mostly affected , because it is believed that only few people in rural areas are aware of their rights on GBV.

RWA sisters were welcomed well by the school authorities and she was given a chance to educate the school pupils on gbv.she talked on the things like what causes GBV, where to report GBV and many more things aboutGBV. The school pupils had understood the teachings of the RWA sister who went to teach them, the pupils were very happy and very excited to learn about GBV and they were able to answer questions after the lesson.

The school authorities thanked the RWA Zambia members at range for the work they are doing in the communities of making people awake on the cases of GBV and making them aware of their rights happening in the country.

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