You are currently viewing RWA MEDIA STATEMENT: We are not safe! We are in a dark place! 

RWA MEDIA STATEMENT: We are not safe! We are in a dark place! 


5 September 

We are not safe! We are in a dark place! 

For the past month South Africans have marked National Women\’s Month, yet women are not safe in this country.

Since the beginning of August to date, we have been confronted with reports of heinous acts of violence against women in various parts of the country. These various reports have indeed been shocking, but equally disturbing would be the number incidents that go unreported. This violence continues to spiral out of control.

Urgent steps that deal with some of the underlying causes has to be tackled. Deepening poverty, unemployment and inequality drives the loss of our humanity and violence is being unleashed in our homes, our schools, our workplaces, communities and villages.

Fighting violence against women requires a major challenge to unequal power relations.

Our African National Congress (ANC) Government has clearly failed the women of this country.

The Rural Women\’s Assembly (RWA) is demanding more practical solutions to tackle the problem of violence against women in South Africa.

The fight against gender-based violence, sexual violence, patriarchy and misogyny must be one of our biggest political priorities.

Awareness raising, marches, protests, appropriate legislation…all these have been conducted in South Africa, yet every minute a woman is killed or raped. The 16 Days of Activism campaign can no longer be a solution for highlighting gender-based violence, when this is a daily phenomenon. Enough is enough!

We demand the President declare a mass injection of resources, special courts, social workers at school, more training of police, educators etc. We require everyone to reject the patriarchal systems and structures to tackle the issue of violence against women.

Issued by the Rural Women\’s Assembly 


Nomonde Phindani on 083 426 8250 or 
Mercia Andrews on  082 368 3429

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