RWA MALAWI: Kalumbu Chapter wins nutrition competition

Malawi Rural Women’s Assembly (RWA), Kalumbu Chapter in Lilongwe District won a nutrition competition organised by the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) at district level, aimed at promoting the use of legume crops in food preparation among communities in the country.

Chairperson for the chapter, Violet Chambalo, said they decided to take part in the competition because they already have an initiative where they teach each other how they can prepare different nutritious food and that the competition was an opportunity to showcase their skills in food preparation.

“All people need to eat food that contains required nutrients regardless of age. A well balanced diet provides a person with right blend of vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates, among others,” Chambalo said.

She said the competition will help the group improve their food preparation skills as their desire is to produce food that can sell in super stores across the country.

According to Dr Edah Lung, one of the researchers at MUST, the institution is working with various agriculture Extension Planning Areas (EPAs) to promote consumption of foods from legumes such as soybean and groundnuts because these can equally provide same proteins that people can get from meat.

It is expected that the winners will enter a regional level competition where the ultimate winner will be drilled in food preparation at the university.

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