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RWA Madagascar: The interconnected – Climate Change and GBV

Climate change as a whole reinforced more than ever gender inequalities and discrimination carrying away in a whirlwind all kinds of injustice to rural women as the society has assigned them a gender role which is to take care of houses and the family ; drought due to the climate crisis is compelling them to go further for water and firewood fetching ; exposing the category to possible health issues as fatigue and ill-being.

 Moreover, they are particularly subject to home abandonment as their partners go elsewhere in search of a better life and start a new family there, they have then to work ten times harder than they used to do before to make ends meet ; an extra burden for them and more violence to face.

In recent times, sandstorms have buried arable lands forcing communities to relocate in search of fertile land, in the process rural women are vulnerable to sex abuse emanating from other male members of the family as their husbands have left them ; some humanitarian aid workers take also profit of the situation and horribly blackmail them : sex for food.

It is needless to say that rural women cannot access to basic services as it should be such as water sanitation, a good menstrual hygiene and education as well.

No tangible programs are set up to include them to participate in any decision-making, men are given this privilege although families and communities rely the most on rural women.

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