RWA Madagascar: Ecology Festival

The Ecology Festival is an annual event organised by RWA members and its partners in terms of ecology  was held in Toamasina( local language meaning holy healing); 354 km away from the capital in the eastern part of the country. During two days (5-6 August), about 60 members of the rural women organisation of 6 regions all over the great island ( Madagascar name) were gathered to showcase their agricultural, handicrafts products specific to each region.

This was also a great opportunity to raise awareness on climate change issues and climate justice, how the 21 th century phenomenon severely impacts the Global South countries and directly affects their  livelihoods. With this in mind, RWA Madagascar as advocates of food sovereignty and agroecology, gave sharing sessions regarding green alternatives such as vermicompost and green charcoal , recycled objects to reduce plastic waste with visitors around 1000. This is the practical side and for the theoretical side ; information about advocacy on land grabbing that many rural women undergo ; particularly those in the North of Madagascar are related to them.

It was indeed a timely meeting between all human rights activists to challenge the authorities to adopt a serious consideration of the question of justice and its application to ensure inclusion. We can say that achieving SDGs 2, 8 &10 remain major challenges ahead but everyone agrees that the land, seeds and life must be preserved. A luta continua ..

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