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RWA Madagascar: Country Chapter Strategic Planning Meeting


In the dynamic northern precincts of Antananarivo 19 dedicated members of the Rural Women’s Assembly (RWA) Madagascar recently convened for a strategic planning meeting. The primary objectives were to assess the impact of their initiatives in 2023, share key insights from the RWA reference group meeting in January 2024, and collectively devise strategies to enhance the work of RWA Madagascar.

Reflecting on the Impacts of 2023:

The meeting commenced with a reflective session, during which the sisters exchanged narratives showcasing the positive changes observed in the lives of rural women throughout 2023. Transitioning seamlessly, the gathering delved into a comprehensive report on the RWA reference group meeting held in January 2024. Insights gleaned from this session provided a panoramic view of the challenges and triumphs faced by various areas where RWA Madagascar has been working. The exchange of ideas and best practices emerged as a cornerstone for fostering unity and shared objectives among the diverse chapters, propelling the organisation towards greater cohesion.

As an integral component of the RWA regional network, the meeting concluded with a resolute commitment to promoting good governance in all country chapters. Recognizing the pivotal role effective governance plays in sustainable development, the sisters pledged to uphold principles of transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in their operations. This acknowledgment underscores their understanding that a well-governed organisation is better equipped to address the diverse needs of rural women and make meaningful contributions to community development.

RAVONIARISOA Hantanirina Lilia, the country chapter of RWA Madagascar, took the lead during the meeting. She indicated that they have experienced remarkable growth in membership, boasting a current count of 9,500 female members spread across 10 regions. She emphasised that the RWA Madagascar is dedicated to the development of rural women and their environment, continuing its pivotal role in empowering women across Madagascar.


The strategic planning meeting of RWA Madagascar stands as a powerful testament to the collective strength and determination of its members. Through introspection, collaboration, and meticulous strategic planning, they stand poised to magnify their impact on the lives of rural women. As an integral component of the RWA regional network, their commitment to promoting good governance ensures that their efforts are not merely impactful but also sustainable, fostering a ripple effect that resonates across the country’s areas of implementation. This cohesive approach positions RWA Madagascar as a driving force for positive change and empowerment within rural communities.

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