RWA Lesotho: HRWA Women Month

August has been identified as a month to celebrate African women achievements in all spheres of life.  It is in this month that we see and hear about how strong and powerful black women are. It is our great wish as HRWA that women are celebrated everyday not seasonally  and we pride ourselves that our members took part in different celebrations our country had. For the past 8 years of our existence in rural communities as HRWA we managed to penetrate  in all 10 districts.

RWA BB has been part of the opening ceremony of women’s month. It was in this gathering that the GBV coordinator has made awareness about patriarchal norms that perpetuate and fuel GBV and limit women\’s capabilities.


On the 18th August Botha Bothe district celebrated with all women in the districts and HRWA members were part of the ceremony and they showcased their fresh  farm produce and talked about the importance of farming, food production for all women and Importance of using their own indigenous seeds.

MOkhotlong has celebrated this month by giving back to the community HRWA members in Mokhotlong have managed to collect clothes for the poor and distributed them among community members children who are poor, this Samaritan gesture has proved that Rural women are guardians of land and love.

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