You are currently viewing RWA Event: Africa Day 2024 Webinar

RWA Event: Africa Day 2024 Webinar

Join Us for Africa Day Webinar: “Freedom in Every Seed: Rural Women, Food Security, and Seed Sovereignty in Africa”

The Rural Women’s Assembly (RWA) is pleased to announce our upcoming Africa Day webinar, titled “Freedom in Every Seed: Rural Women, Food Security, and Seed Sovereignty in Africa.” This event is scheduled for May 31st, 2024, starting at 14:00 SAST, and promises to be a pivotal gathering for addressing some of the most pressing issues in African agriculture today.

About the Event

This webinar will delve into the critical topics of seed and food sovereignty, emphasizing the indispensable role that rural women play in safeguarding seed diversity and ensuring food security across the continent. As we celebrate Africa’s rich agricultural heritage, we will confront the challenges posed by corporate control over seeds and food systems, highlighting the resilience and strength of our rural communities.

Key Discussion Points

  1. The Role of Rural Women in Food Production and Seed Preservation:
    Rural women are the backbone of Africa’s agricultural sector. Their efforts in preserving seed diversity and maintaining food security are vital for the continent’s future. We will explore their contributions and discuss ways to support and amplify their roles.
  2. Impact of Corporate Control Over Seeds and Food Systems:
    Corporate dominance in the seed and food industries threatens the sovereignty and sustainability of our agricultural practices. Our speakers will provide insights into how these corporate interests impact local communities and what can be done to counteract these forces.
  3. Significance of Seed Sovereignty for African Farmers and Communities:
    Seed sovereignty is crucial for maintaining biodiversity and ensuring that farmers have control over their crops. This segment will highlight why seed sovereignty matters and how it can be protected and promoted.
  4. Strategies for Building Resilient Food Systems:
    Building resilience in our food systems is essential for withstanding environmental, economic, and social challenges. Our discussion will focus on practical strategies and policies that can help create robust and sustainable food systems across Africa.
  5. Policy and Practice Support for Seed Sovereignty and Food Security:
    Effective policies and supportive practices are key to promoting seed sovereignty and food security. We will examine current policies, identify gaps, and propose actionable steps for improvement.

Esteemed Speakers

We are honored to have a lineup of speakers who bring extensive expertise and experience in seed and food sovereignty and rural women. Their contributions will undoubtedly enrich our understanding and inspire actionable steps towards reclaiming our agricultural heritage and empowering rural communities.

How to Participate

We invite everyone who is passionate about food security, seed sovereignty, and the empowerment of rural communities to join us for this important event. To join, please click here.


“Freedom in Every Seed: Rural Women, Food Security, and Seed Sovereignty in Africa” is more than just a webinar; it is a call to action to support and sustain the vital contributions of rural women in Africa’s agricultural sector. Join us as we come together to honor their strength and resilience, and to work towards a future where seed and food sovereignty are upheld and celebrated.

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We look forward to your participation in this transformative event!

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