RWA attends Workshop on Dismantling Corporate Power


On 26th-29th June 2017, the RWA attended a workshop in Maputo organised by the Southern Africa Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power. The main purpose of the workshop was to discuss the cases that will be presented at the People\’s Tribunal at the SADC People\’s Summit. The objectives of the workshop include; to analyse and construct cases for broader advocacy, to develop cases and case overviews; examining the potential and limitation of some bilateral free trade agreements, human rights framework, legal acts and their impact on local laws; to prepare the programme, communication plan, information and roadmap to Johannesburg and beyond.

The Zambian RWA will present a case on Parlamat\’s monopoly of the dairy sector and how it has affected small-scale farmers at the Permanent People\’s Tribunal at the SAPSN SADC People Summit in August. Many small-scale farmers have lost their livelihoods due to the high cost of feed, veterinary drugs and services.

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