Rural Women’s Assembly South Africa collaborated with different Organizations to host Human Rights Day Activities across the country.

In a small village of Zolani in the Western Cape, RWA together with the Yellow Door Centre were putting dignity back into the of the community of Zolani by cleaning one of the deserted areas in the village. The cleaned area is aimed to be used as a garden as women in the area don’t have access to the the land. In the community that is poverty stricken, the food from the garden will help to serve the community at the soup kitchen in our centre. Food is a basic human right that many women still don’t have access to.

In the Gauteng Province, RWA in partnered with Tharabollo Secondary school hosting Humans Right day in Palm Springs, Johannesburg.  10 different schools participated in the event with the Theme: SONG (Speak Out New Generation) where learners were encouraged to speak because Freedom of speak is also Human Right. There has been a rise in bullying cases amongst learners in South Africa. Some learners were reported to have committed suicide after being bullied in our school. This has been the main concern of RWA South Africa that even after so many years of democracy, there are children who still go through these horrible tragedies. We decided to partner with school to tackle these issues and educate learners on the effects of bullying and importance of Speaking Out.  This was fruitful day as we heard the voices of learners, and we are glad that we will be able to assist learners in tackling this monster that is attacking our children. Children are the future of our nation.

RWA South Africa in the Eastern Cape, hosted women of Kariega Under the Theme: Women Rights and Human Rights. The event was aimed to have a dialogue with women about their human rights. RWA South Africa heard the voice of women and the challenges they are facing after so many years of democracy. Most women felt that their human rights are still being taken lightly. They don’t have basic needs like food, water, etc. All women ask for is the land so that at least they can be able to provide food for themselves and their children.

The events were very helpful to RWA South Africa as we were able to see the work that still needs to be done and assess how we can assist our rural communities. How do we say Happy Human Rights Day while women and children are still deprived their basic human rights?

Rural Women’s Assembly South Africa in partnership with (four) organizations in Keiskammahoek, Eastern Cape, also hosted Gender Based Violence Awareness event.  The event was aimed to find ways the organizations can work together with the Police officials to fight Gender Based Violence. Eastern Cape RWA Coordinator Miss Thabisa Mhlahlo said that the challenges that they have in their communities is the high rate of rape and physical abuse.  Women were also made aware and given education on emotional abuse as it is a silent killer of women.  Women Rights are Human Rights. No to Gender Based Violence.


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