Letter: Request for Prioritisation of Women\’s Rights in Zimbabwe\’s Agenda for Renewal

Having convened a Women\’s Convention on the 23th of November 2017 to build consensus on women\’s aspiration for a better Zimbabwe and contributing to the outcome of the Women\’s Convention into the National People\’s Convention of 24th November 2017, Women deliberated and expressed key concerns that we urgently ask you to consider, as outlined below: –

  • Reduction and rationalisation of state departments and in government ministries, whose resources detracts from support to sector & issues that require financing to reverse the disproportionate impact they have on the realisation of women\’s rights
  • Appointing a gender-balanced Executor. In exercising your powers to appoint, we urge you to adhere the Constitutional requirement as espoused in Section 104 (4) regarding gender balance, as read with Section 17. Whilst, ensuring equal representation, we urge you to further consider the appointment of women in the portfolios of Health, Finance, Education, Foreign affairs and defence ministries, to which men have been perenially appointed

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