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Women\’s rights are Human rights!

On 21 March 2018 the Mawubuye Land Rights Forum commemorated Human Rights Day. This day was not only a commemoration of human rights but also centered women\’s rights. More than 30 women including farmworker women and migrant women participated in the event.



The event aimed to hightlight the work situation of women but also to speak about several other issues including women\’s land rights, the difficulties that rural women experience during their periods due to the drought and the negative perceptions that South Africans have of migrants in South Africa.

Farm worker women had an opportunity to give testimony of their working conditions on farms. One of the women said that farm worker women experience terrible working conditions and it is important that we fight for their rights.

In addition women also struggle to access land in rural areas. Women don\’t only have lack of access to land rights but they also have limited devision-making powers on issues concerning land in South Africa.

The youth performed a play on the struggle of young women during menstruation. The play showed how the drought in the Western Cape has a significant impact on how young women maintain their hygiene during menstruation. Young women do not have sufficient water to wash themselves as well as their underwear. Alice (from Africa Unite) also explained the importance of empowering young women. She gave each young women sanitary towels as a gift for human rights day.



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