What a Weekend- and more actions still to come this week, marking International Day of Rural Women and World Food Day!

With the lockdown regulations being lifted across the region, our events were all in person, as we marked and started off the celebrations for International Day of Rural Women (IDRW) and World Food Day (WFD). The main demands are centred on the following:

  • to address the Growing Hunger across the globe, with the number at 870 million people.
  • Land for Women!
  • Promotion of Indigenous seeds and rural agricultural practices which encourage climate resilience, Agroecology.

This week is the start of a very busy month of actions targeted at these demands which also centres on rural women in the region! Attached please see our programme of events which will carry over this week,  but also clock through our Facebook page to stay updated on the events, particularly as we reorganise the movement towards the COP26 meeting and Global actions. Some of these actions will be in both online-in-person hybrids for more of our comrades to join from their various locations. Stay tuned.

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