RWA South Africa: GBV and Land Campaign

During the last two months RWA South Africa members used different opportunities to focus on Gender Based Violence.  Members who gathered for the The SADC countries webinar on GBV on April 28th April 2023 used the moment to demonstrate against GBV. Members gathered in Simondium, made GBV awareness placards and picketed on the R45, a famous agri-tourist route, to raise awareness about GBV and its connection to landlessness. To this end they raised their banner which demands 1Woman,1Hectare. RWA members believe if women have access to land, they will be able to feed their families and generate an income which will guarantee financial independence from male partners. They also advocate for agro-ecological farming as a production method that works with nature and is not dependent on capitalist driven agri-business.

To showcase their agricultural skills and healthy produce RWA members participate in various markets. The Mowbray market in the Western Cape, which is growing in popularity presents an alternative to dominant corporate commercial retail. It is giving rural women and fisher folk an opportunity to generate an income by selling the produce including preserves and crafts. 

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