RWA Zambia Women Visit Cyclone Freddy Victims in Malawi

Southern Africa Rural Women Assembly Members of the Zambian delegation pay a visit to Cyclone Freddy victims in Malawi as a gesture of solidarity and present them with an early crop seed. Planting seeds in their gardens is one method to get them more involved in gardening. This is because all of the victims\’ crops were destroyed.
The chairperson of the Rural Women Assembly of Malawi\’s chapter, Alice Kachere, spoke at the seed distribution and praised Zambian women for their care of the Cyclone Freddy victims in Malawi. She said it is quite distressing to see so many people without access to basic essentials like food, shelter, and even crops because of the calamity.
\”Cyclone Freddy victims are starving to death because they lack basic necessities like food, shelter, and other necessities. The worst part is that they have lost all of their crops; thus, these Zambian women did a commendable job of bringing in early harvest seeds that they will plant into their gardens,\” Kachere said.
She urged everyone to set a good example, like the RWA ladies from Zambia did by providing these victims with early harvest seeds that they will plant in their gardens. She went on to suggest that one solution to end their hunger was for these people to start gardening.
Meanwhile, Cyclone Freddy, which hit Malawi, was labelled as the most hazardous storm to ever hit Africa by Merry Sakala, the chairperson of RWA Zambia. She claimed in her statement to have witnessed large rocks being transported away from the mountain, completely demolishing the village. She went on to explain that she has witnessed people grieving for their loved ones and famished due to a lack of food.
“We came here with the support of RWA Southern Africa to show these women solidarity despite the gift we brought, but we feel the pain that they are experiencing, so coming here and seeing the condition of how these people are suffering is very important, Sakala said. \”I have seen with my own two eyes how the cyclone Freddy victims are suffering.
She proceeded by explaining that because Rural Women Southern Africa (RWA) shares these people\’s suffering, they decided to visit and support them as a sign of solidarity.

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